Born in Kansas, but raised in Los Angeles, Bruce began classical piano studies at age seven, segued to guitar, and began playing in bands throughout high school. He eventually came back to classical piano studies, and began a formal education in music composition and theory while playing in nightclubs at night. He attended the Dick Grove School of Music, completing programs in commercial music composition and arranging. Bruce went on to study composition privately with Abby Fraser and orchestration with Albert Harris. He furthered his knowledge of electronic music and synthesis working with Clark Spangler and Dan Wyman. After refining his film scoring skills at UCLA he began a career creating music for radio commercials and corporate films.

His big break came when a contact with an editor landed him a gig with the break-through reality TV series, The Extremists. This led to a series of television documentaries dealing with extreme sports, for which Bruce not only provided the score, but also all audio post services. The connections he made during this time led to work with Mark Burnett on the Eco-Challenge series, and ultimately to his being hired by Original Productions to score a little reality series about crab fishing in the Bering Sea – the ubiquitous Deadliest Catch.

Along the way, producers making television movies for Disney and The New Mickey Mouse Club discovered Bruce’s talent, which subsequently led to him being tapped to score four high profile Movies of the Week for CBS and USA Networks.

Bruce has earned a reputation for his cutting-edge dynamic sound, from epic orchestral work to hearfelt acoustic tracks and everything inbetween. With his signature Taiko drum percussion sequences and flair for depicting perilous situations, some have refferred to him as Dr. Doom. In addition to the series Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, Bruce has scored Discovery’sThe Alaska Experiement, Pitchmen, Fugitive Strike Force, and History’s Ax Men.

On the other end of the spectrum, Bruce’s skill in scoring to picture has been high-lighted in many specials for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, inclusing most recently Alien EarthsHubble’s Amazing Universe, and Nasca Lines: The Buried Secrets.

Bruce lives in the Greater Los Angeles Area with his wife and assistant, Jan. When schedules permit he tries to make time for the gym, and enjoys camping and pampering himself with a massage.